Seven Biggest Parenting Mistakes That Destroy Kids’ Mental Strength.

I was just cruising around the web and I ran into this post from Dr. David McPhee, a retired Psychotherapist for Kids and Adults in Minnesota on Quora.

I was very impressed that he put together a concise answer to a question about what were the “Seven Biggest Parenting Mistakes That Destroy Kids’ Mental Strength.” He nailed it with his succinct answers.

Here are the answers and they doesn’t have to be longer. You don’t need a book or a long discussion. They are simple; you just need to eliminate them from your parenting. Thank you Dr. McPhee.

  1. Corporal punishment and humiliation as “discipline.”

2. Making everything about submission and learning, without unstructured play time and outings and exploration together

3. Modeling dysfunctional behavior in front of kids, like seeing parents fight, or gossip, or cheat

4. Hiding your feelings from your kids, including your frustration, excitement, disappointment, joy, curiosity. They need to see how an adult handles feelings well (or how you clean it up if you don’t).

5. Spending your spare time with passive entertainment, like TV shows or watching sports, vs. active engagement in experiences with the whole family.

6. Stifling curiosity about topics you don’t like to discuss, like your finances or your job or how you handle conflicts and problems

7. Enforcing homework as an unpleasant chore vs. taking an interest in the topics and learning along with the child

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