Students in Palo Alto High Media Arts Program planning stories for the award winning magazine Verde.

How to Raise “Successful” People: Preparing Competent Kids For A Life Of Performance: the pedagogy of Esther Wojcicki

by A.J. Juliani

  • Raising three daughters who have each become famously successful as, the CEO of YouTube, the Founder and CEO of 23andMe, and a top medical researcher
  • Inspiring many others in Silicon Valley and around the world

Competence As A Goal of Independence

One of the areas I struggle with as a parent (and as a teacher) is when and how to give independence to my kids. Whether this is in class or having my kids playing with friends, there is so much control and compliance that is assumed in the roles of parent/child or teacher/student.

If Transfer Is The Goal, How Do We Prepare For It?

Jay McTighe (on Episode #1 of The Backwards Podcast) made some very clear distinctions about the role of performance tasks (vs. tests) to promote transfer:

  1. Performance tasks are open-ended and typically do not yield a single, correct answer.
  2. Performance tasks establish novel and authentic contexts for performance.
  3. Performance tasks provide evidence of understanding via transfer.
  4. Performance tasks are multi-faceted.
  5. Performance tasks can integrate two or more subjects as well as 21st century skills.
  6. Performances on open-ended tasks are evaluated with established criteria and rubrics.

Educator, journalist, IT & OER consultant

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